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We provide bearings with the highest dynamic load ratings in the industry and tools to combat debris. We also supply a wide range of products that ensure the durability required to handle extreme radial and thrust loads from hauling tons of payload and also helps haulage equipment rolls through some of the toughest environments underground.


Our Agricultural bearings are focused on providing the features that allow our customers to exceed all expectations. Our product line is designed to meet the regional and global requirements of this demanding application. We provide a range of products that are easily mounted on straight shafts and positioned without shoulders, locknuts or adapters.


Bearings are used for a large variety of functions in all kind of railway vehicles. they are key components in axle-boxes and drive systems like traction motors and suspension units. Different applications include shock absorbers, gearboxes,  tilting mechanisms, doors etc. The most recent development involves sensors to detect speed, the direction of rotation, bearing condition and stability.


All Well is a valuable supplier to the steel mill and primary metal industry. We supply quality, cost-effective ball and roller bearing alternatives. Applications include Plate mills, Blooming mills, Cold strip mills, Hot strip mills, Slabbing mills, Pickling mills, BOF drives, Plate levelers, Roll grinders, Flying shears, Rotary crop shears, Four high roll, Large overhead cranes.


We are a leading bearing distributor with more than 30 years of oilfield experience. Our solutions have always focused on generating increased safety along with power transmission efficiency and reliability of mechanical equipment. We have a large variety of Bearings to help optimize application performance in your oil and gas operations.


We have been a supplier to the automotive marketplace for more than 3 decades.Our automotive products include deep groove ball bearings, taper roller, bearing and joint cups/assemblies. Our products are approved in a wide variety of automotive applications. Drivetrain products include transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, hanger bearings and universal joints. Accessory applications include belt tensioners, alternators, steering gears, and others.


We provide bearings and seals that enable more cost-effective wind energy generation. We are working closely with original bearing & equipment manufacturers and wind farm operators. We provide dedicated solutions that can optimize the reliability and performance of new and existing wind turbine designs.
We have been active in the wind power industry for decades and a leading bearings distributor for wind turbine gearboxes. We also focus on bearings for main rotor shafts and generators.


Construction equipment used in harsh environments risk contamination from dust, mud, and huge loads, and require a certain degree of ruggedness that is different from the requirements of a common passenger vehicle.
We provide bearings for all types of construction equipment, including cranes, hydraulic excavators, asphalt pavers, motor graders, wheel loaders, and off-highway trucks, as well as many other types of heavy equipments used in building projects.

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